Our vision & goal

Ramp started as a group project in Aalborg University, Denmark, which eventually evolved into a more serious project for developing the business and the product. With our multi disciplinary team with people from three nations, we have been able to leverage our skills and know-how of different topics, to tackle every side of developing a business.

Our goal as a team behind Ramp, is to have a world where extreme bikers would have a tool to aid their learning, and to enable them to interact with each other, even outside their usual riding communities. We do this by providing a device to the market, which is tailored to the needs of different riders. This is why we want you as a rider to join our community and help us out with our development, to make our product best suitable for the extreme bikers around the world.

The team

Sandor Vitez

Entrepreneurial engineering

Balint Magyar

international business

jacob diemar

sports technology

Palle hansen

IT design & app development

From: Hungary

Does: Product Development & Technology Integration

Is an: Ex-4cross rider and ex-trail builder

& Cant stop talking about cars.

From: Hungary

Does: What ever a Balint can

Is an: excellent afternoon napper

& did'nt hand in his personal text....

From: Denmark

Does: Sports technology expert and father of the idea behind Ramp

Is an: Heavy ex-mountain biker, likes every kind of extreme sport, currently kitesurfing

& Can eat a hotdog in under 10 seconds.

From: Denmark

Does: IT/web design, application development & business communication

Is an: Avid and reckless mountain biker

& Won't stop for squirrels.