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The device

The RAMP device is a fresh new product for BMX and MTB riders. The device, loaded with high-precision sensors, is placed somewhere on your bike. During your sessions, it tracks your every move and transfers the data wirelessly to your phone, so you can keep an eye on your stats on the go or analyse them in detail afterwards. Watch the video to see how it works, or hit this link to see when it will be available to you!


At the moment, we are still hasseling and dazzeling with that boring business development stuff. This means getting great ideas which are quickly reduced to despair, looking at models, going to meetings, correcting those models and... well, you get the point. Good news is though, this should soon be over!

The next step in the pedals will be the product development stage. This is where it begins to get exciting. The actual device will start to take shape, and building and testing of the product can take off.

All of these stages leave us with questions and cool tasks which you as a rider and potential user might help us with. So, if you want to follow the RAMP project closer, have the opportunity to help shape the BMX and MTB device of the future or even the chance to become a beta tester, then head on over to the newsletter section and sign up!

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